About Baxter

Hi there. I'm Baxter Lee, and I'm an Olympia-based content marketing writer.

On this page you'll find a little more about me.

I have lived in the Olympia area for most of my life except for a small portion of time my family lived in Germany (military and all that). I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Evergreen State College. I focused on business and non-fiction writing at Evergreen. I also trained and developed my ability to run aquaponics systems in my spare time.

Soon after graduating I began writing for local businesses, non-profits, and journalism covering local politics. I have experience writing for non-profits focusing on voting rights and translating difficult political jargon into easy to understand material. As a local journalist I've covered climate strikes, renters rights, and community forums. In writing for local businesses I have focused on promotional pieces zoning in on their mission and how they desire to help their customer base.

Now, what does all this mean when it comes to your business?

The secret: I'm client-focused and I understand marketing.

I create easy to understand educational posts. I modify you and your team as a resource for your customers questions so they continually come back.

On the marketing side I focus on optimizing posts for strategic key words, rooting out anything that doesn't drive traffic, and continually finding new phrases that will bring in traffic directly associated with what your clients are looking for.

I would love to make your life easier and bring more readers to your site.

Let's get in touch!